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Financial Review

We have produced a template for churches to review their giving. Following a simple stucture of 'where are we now?' 'where would we like to be?' and 'how will we get there?' this financial review provides handy prompts of things to consider before embarking on stewardship or fundraising activities. 


Giving in Grace

Produced by the Diocese of Liverpool, this website gives you everything you need to run a stewardship campaign in your church. With flexible, tried, tested and creative stewardship resources, Giving in Grace has a proven track record in significantly increasing giving. Use the resources freely and contact your stewardship team for advice or help.

Charitable Giving Policy

If you are looking for some help when planning who you give to as a Parish, have a look at this example of a charitable giving policy which is based on a draft produced by Nick Morgan, Assistant Curate in Masham and Healey Benefice.
This document provides a really helpful starting point for a PCC to discuss how they want to support charities.  It helps to provide a structure for giving money to support others which in turn will help with budgetting.

Click here to see the example Charitable Giving Policy.


Stewardship - The Website

Stewardship help you give and strengthen the causes you give to.

Since 1906 they have provided advice, inspiration and practical tools to make it simple for people to give and receive tax effectively. There are also useful resources to run stewardship campaigns in your church as well as tools for budgeting and managing money.

Giving for Life: Continuing The Journey

Giving for Life helps parishes review their approach to issues of stewardship and generosity, within a context of discipleship.        

At Diocesan Synod in November 2016 Giving for Life was relaunched. Resources were sent to all parishes asking them to allocate 20-30 minutes of a PCC meeting to evaluate their stewardship strategy and assess where they might improve their adoption of Good Practice.

There are two principal resources to help: a  4 page Leaders Guide introducing the item and a 2-sided sheet for PCC Members


Parish Share

The new parish share system with a package of resources and support available for all our churches has recently been launched. Click here for more information.



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