Safe Recruitment and DBS

New for 2021

The Safer Recruitment & People Management Guidance was approved in April 2021, with an implementation date of 1st January 2022.  The NST have announced the launch of the new guidance on 28/6/21.

The Safer Recruitment & People Management Guidance is available via the online Safeguarding e-manual, found here. (This is the first Guidance to go onto the Safeguarding e-Manual and eventually all safeguarding guidance will be located there). Please also click here to download a PDF version.



A DBS Check is needed for all those working with children or vulnerable adults in certain roles.


Clergy DBS checks

Clergy DBS checks are processed through Gail O'Neill.
Contact gail.oneill [at] (subject: DBS%20Enquiry%20) (Gail O'Neill) for further information.

Parish DBS checks

a. Do you or your parish volunteers need a DBS check?
Consult these documents: DBS eligibility information, Roles where a DBS check is required, DBS identity documents.

b. Contact the Safeguarding Verifier in your church
Parish DBS checks are now processed on-line through Thirtyone eight - formerly CCPAS - the Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service
Email all log-in or password queries to accountmanager [at] (Thirtyone eight - formerly CCPAS) or call on 0303 003 1111 extension 2204 

c. Using the DBS Update service
Please encourage your volunteers to register for this service through the DBS website as soon as they have completed their online application.
This means you can check them free of charge in the future by carrying out a Status Check following the instructions below.

If one of your volunteers has already registered with the DBS Update Service you can carry out a status check but first you must ask them to complete a consent form giving you the permission and details to enable you to do this. Download a DBS Check Consent Form below.
This is free of charge to you as a parish and free to your volunteer to register (not employees).


Information for DBS Verifiers

A DBS certificate held with the former dioceses of Bradford, Ripon & Leeds or Wakefield is still valid for 5 years from the date of issue as are checks with the new Diocese of Leeds.
The Self Declaration Form below should be completed by all volunteers/employees in parishes annually.

Church of England Confidential Declaration Form
Interview Identity Checklist 
DBS Continuation Sheet
Recruitment of ex-offenders policy
Disclosure and Barring Service 
Home Office DBS Identity checking guidelines

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