The Bible Breakfast Club – a new initiative for families

The Bible Breakfast Club is a new initiative at St John the Baptist Kirkheaton which is drawing in families from the local area. A Fresh Expression of church, it can be a stepping-stone for families who have had children baptised but who would probably not come for traditional services.

In this short video, see the Bible Breakfast Club at work as Karen and Ian Atkinson talk how it started and what they do.  “For us this is church. It’s got fellowship, it’s got teaching and God is with us. It is really a wonderful place to be,” says Karen.  

If you want to know more, or have a visit to help get things started in your church, contact the Children Families and Young People’s team by visiting their webpage here.  And there is more on family ministry on a new resource page here 

For anyone looking for more support or ideas for family ministry in your area visit the Diocese of Leeds CandY Facebook Page here. This is where the latest resources, updates, events and local church initiatives are being shared.

For more help and ideas on Fresh Expressions visit the Fresh Expressions webpage here 

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