St Paul's Ireland Wood

It is already a year since 45 worshippers from St George's, Leeds joined with worshippers at St Mark's, Ireland Wood, in an exciting adventure in church growth.

And to mark that anniversary, the combined Ireland Wood congregation has produced a video which tells their successful journey and honestly addresses early concerns about the innovative idea.

Mark Harlow and his wife Kathryn, the associate priest, brought families with them to help rejuvenate and support the existing congregation as part of a Leeds Episcopal Area project funded by a successful bid for finance made by the diocese to the Church Commisioners.

“Resource Churches are about leading into growth and developing a pathway of leaders," said Bishop of Kirkstall, the Rt Revd Paul Slater, who is overseeing the project.

"The idea is to create a spiritual cascade, so St Paul’s Ireland Wood will eventually become a Resource Church itself and develop leaders who can help revitalise another church.”

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