We are the Diocese of Leeds: Playing cricket together

Building bridges between communities is an important part of mission and ministry across our diocese. This week our latest film in our year long campaign to tell our story here in the Diocese of Leeds is a cricket match – between clergy and imams on both sides of the Pennines.

Called, Love of the Roses, it was the idea of Kumon Y’All- - a Dewsbury based community group working since 2008 to do whatever they can to bring people of different faiths, cultures and communities together to create a better understanding between them. And at the heart of all they do is young people.

Leader, Farook Yunus said: “Whether it is sport, food, talking, issues, problems, clean ups; whatever it is that brings people together naturally. We empower young people to take on the planning and delivery of projects.” As he says in the film:

“It's not about the winning, it's about making friends: showing the world that we can do it; it’s so important."




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