We are the Diocese of Leeds...in Skipton

This week we get a glimpse of the mission and ministry of the church in Skipton for our film in our year-long campaign to tell our story here in this new Diocese of Leeds.

Holy Trinity, Skipton, one of two parish churches serving the town, is known as the parish church on top of the high street – and is open every day to welcome the local community and the thousands of weekly visitors who flock to the Gateway to the Dales on day trips and holidays.

It is also home to a large rural community – with pockets of social deprivation – and vicar, Veronica James is proud to be the vicar in the community and the chaplain at the local Auction Mart with its regular cattle, sheep and lamb sales.

This she says allows her to be part of the community, be alongside people where they are, see how people live their lives and give them support if they want it.

Said Veronica: “Just having the presence of being the vicar in the community is so important for people. I am around with people where they are; they can see there is a representative of the church who lives here and works here.”

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