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The first three Units and the Resources below have been written by Lat Blaylock of RE Today on behalf of the Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales.
Suggested age ranges are 6-7 years, 8-11 years, 11-14 years although all are adaptable.
Each delivers eight hours of specific RE but are adaptable with cross curricular suggestions and time frames to suit your teaching.
They come to you free of charge to download, adapt and use as you choose.
Please share with others as we are sharing with you.
Above all, enjoy creative top quality RE.

Gill Johnson and Lat Blaylock would be delighted to receive examples of pupils’ work to encourage others.
Contact details are:Gill.johnson [at] leeds.anglican.org : 01924 371802 ext 233 and
Lat [at] retoday.org.uk

WW1 Remembered - Resources for Schools
RE Today: Planned Investigations for the Classroom


Unit 1 - Years 2 -3
What happened in the war 100 years ago?
What can we learn about war and peace?
Download unit 1


World War collageUnit 2 - Years 4 -6
What can we learn from the First World War in RE?
Questions about peace and God.
Download unit 2


Questions about warUnit 3 - Years 7 -9
War and Peace: How did the 1914-18 war challenge Christian theology and ethics?
How can Christians respond to these challenges?
Download unit 3




Fierce Feathers story and activitiesFierce Feathers
A true story of the Society of Friends in America.
Download this resource


Two stories from WW1Two stories of Christians from the Great War
Florence and Albert: Lives lived for God.
George Vinell: Saved by the Bible
Download this resource


Dr Noel ChevasseThe story of a man who won the Victoria Cross twice
Noel Chavasse
Download this resource


Owen ThomasTo fight or not to fight
Owen Thomas
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